Liquid Car Wrapping in London  car spraying



Our signature service is colour change through liquid car wrapping – a fast, reversible form of wrapping achieved using a spray gun.

There are endless possibilities for colour combinations, effects, and designs.

By building in layers, the spray wrap becomes easily removable. When you tire of it, you can simply peel it off, in contrast to classic vinyl wrapping, which can be much more damaging to the surface of a vehicle.

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Getting a work fleet sprayed?

If you’re a business owner, we’ll hook you up with a courtesy car to tide you over until your vehicle has been dipped and collected. Give us a call today to discuss. 




Plasti Dip creates a huge range of colours – pretty much anything you can think of. Not only that, but colours can be combined to create new shades, ombre effects, and other visual gradations.

Liquid Car Wrapping in London Car Colours 

Regular Plastidip 

Matte finish essentials, including primary colours, common variants, and earth tones.

Blaze (Fluorescent) Range

Matte finish colours that emit super bright light when exposed to UV/black light.


Liquid Car Wrapping in London Car Finishes




Whether you prefer the sleekness of satin, the flatness of matte, or the undeniable wow-factor of pearlescent, we are able to create a variety of different finishes depending on your preferences.


Liquid Car Wrapping in London Satin Finish


Slightly polished finish with a subtle shine.

Liquid Car Wrapping in London Matte Finish


Flat, shine-free finish that creates a sense of uniformity.


Liquid Car Wrapping in London Metallic Finish


Enhancer that adds a metallic shimmer to the undercoat.

Liquid Car Wrapping in London Pearlescent Finish


Subtle colour-shifting enhancer that changes appearance at different angles.

Liquid Car Wrapping in London Smoke Finish


Enhancer that builds grey, smoky hues the more it’s layered. Great for smoking lights.




Smart Repair

We can offer advice as to what repairs need to be carried out prior to wrapping. Liquid wraps may be unable to conceal more grievous defects. If we feel that a vehicle needs to be repaired significantly before we can dip it, we’ll always let you know. That being said, we are able to carry out smaller smart repair work.





Bold colours, immaculate finishes, and smart repairs – Distinctly Dipped’s got you covered.

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