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Distinctly Dipped emerged because we perceived the need for a young, bespoke modification service that offered high quality liquid car wrapping in London and beyond.

We are experts in our field and passionate about offering efficient, bespoke options for colour changes. An imitate team, we love to get to know our customers so that we can help them fully-realise their dream ride. Whether it’s an old boat or a luxury coupe, we treat every vehicle that comes through our studio as if it were our own - with painstaking care.




We’re based in Radlett, Hertfordshire, just outside of Watford.

Our converted steel barn is fully compliant with health and safety guidelines, and stocked with the latest equipment and gear. We are fully licensed.



Meet the Team...


Analytical, managerial, and caring, Jodie was a well-established personal trainer before taking on the day-to-day running of Distinctly Dipped. That means she’s got a hawk-like eye for detail and takes quality very seriously. She’ll ensure all the personal touches you want are carried out to perfection. Passionate about volunteering, she’s a lifelong advocate for the hard of hearing and a devoted business person. 

 Liquid Car Wrapping in London meet the team

 Managing director of Distinctly Dipped, Stew is the foul-mouthed boss beloved by his clients. Thirty years in the motor industry led him through managerial gigs at leading global dealerships. Lexus, Jaguar, Land Rover – you name it, he’s done it. Naturally, he understands the work inside out, and knows what clients want. Like Jodie, he has a passion for charitable causes, supporting local schools in the area.

 Liquid Car Wrapping in London meet the team

 The lead spray-painter at Distinctly Dipped, Tim has almost three decades of experience painting and working on vehicles in workshops. In fact, word has it he’s married to a can of paint. His immense skill speaks for itself, and he has nurtured a passion for cars for as long as he can remember. Leave your vehicle in Tim’s talented hands, and your ride is guaranteed to be pimped to perfection.






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Our Values


We keep it real. We’ll never make guarantees we can’t keep, and we strive to be professional just as much as we strive to be friendly and transparent.


Time is of the essence. That’s why we aim to dip your whip in just 48 hours. Interiors take just 24 hours. When carried out by a skilled professional, liquid wrapping is a speedy process.


We take pride in the work we do, and we’re confident that we’re the best at it. You can’t compromise on skill. It’s good to know that your vehicle’s in the hands of trusted professionals with extensive expertise. 


  What is dipping?

Dipping refers to liquid car wrapping. We use products from Plasti Dip, a US-based company. Plasti Dip provides a decorative and protective rubberised coating, which is easily removed if needed. Liquid car wrapping is considered a more economical form of car colour change. Plasti Dip can be applied to metal, plastic, and glass, among other surface types. It’s suitable for interiors and exteriors alike.

  How long does it take Plasti Dip to dry completely?

Approximately 4 hours per coat. To ensure it is easily removable, 6-8 coats will be applied.

  Does liquid car wrapping cover damage?

Any necessary fixes to a vehicle should be carried out prior to wrapping, as there is the chance it may highlight scratches and dents. We will ensure that the surface is clean of grease, dirt, and debris before coating. * Note: Spray wraps are not a means of accident repair.

  Does liquid car wrapping provide protection?

Plasti Dip protective coating is highly resistant to acids, alkaline, and other common chemicals, meaning several coats will create a protective buffer for the surface. Plasti Dip is less resistant to petroleum, however, so avoid petroleum-based products.

  How long is the liquid wrap maintained for?

Once dried, a liquid wrap will last for years. The surface should only be washed with hot water and gentle soap detergents in order to preserve it. Avoid using petroleum, citric, alcohol/solvent-based cleaning products.

  Do you spray wrap rims?

Yes - Plasti Dip can be applied to wheel rims, interiors, rear lights, and more.

  Do you use vinyl resins?

No – Plasti Dip doesn’t contain any polyvinyl chloride or other types of vinyl resins, which is what makes liquid car wrapping a more modern and economical process. This is what makes it easy to reverse any colour change.