Liquid Car Wrapping in London and surrounding areas

When it comes to cars, boring is boring. Why conform?

Distinctly Dipped can transform uninspired vehicles and luxury high end cars alike into unique pieces of art. Our liquid car wrapping is completely reversible, allowing for greater customisation and speedier work compared with traditional vinyl wrapping.

About Liquid Wrapping

Liquid Car Wrapping in London spray




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Transform your vehicle in just 48 HOURS.

Using state-of-the-art spray guns, we spray wrap with acrylic paint for interior and exterior colour changes. We can also provide small fixes and modifications, including seat upholstering and UVPC window tinting.

Drop us a call or use our booking form to arrange a FREE consultation.  Whether you want metallic, matte, or even pearlescent finishes, Distinctly Dipped’s got you covered. We’ll guarantee you an aesthetically unique ride.





How it works…

 Liquid Car Wrapping in London drop

 Liquid Car Wrapping in London dip


 Liquid Car Wrapping in London collect


  • Book a free car wrapping consultation via our booking form, or drop us a call to have a quick chat about your project.
  • Attend a no-obligation triage session - our in-person assessment of your vehicle. We’ll check for damage and recommend necessary fixes needed prior to wrapping.
  • Get your standard wrap done in just 48 hours. Your vehicles ready to collect.
  • Whip around town and be the envy of everyone who sees you.

Book your free, no-obligation liquid wrap consultation today 







 Liquid Car Wrapping in London why DIstinctly Dipped

Why Liquid Wrapping?

Liquid car wrapping functions like a second skin for your vehicle. Even the most high-end vehicles can be a bore to look at straight out of the factory. Liquid wrapping is a fast, economical means of car colour change that doesn’t use any vinyl resins. Vinyl resins are extremely toxic for our health and the environment.

Surprise - that colourful pearlescent car that just zoomed wasn’t bought looking like that. Chances are, it was spray wrapped. Car modifications have a reputation for being expensive endeavours, but liquid wrapping provides an efficient and affordable way to dip your vehicle and express your style.

The greatest benefit of liquid wrapping is that, with enough layers, it is completely reversible – simply peel it off and you’re able to remodify your vehicle again and again, without damaging the surface. That means you aren’t committed to a colour change should you tire of it.

Interested in liquid wrapping in London and surrounding areas? Look no further. Call us now or use our booking form to arrange a no obligation consultation 




Services Colour | Finish | Smart Repair

We use Plasti Dip products for our spray wrap services. Plasti Dip produces a large range of colours, which can be mixed and layered to create different shades, tones, and gradient effects. The talented painters at Distinctly Dipped can create unique textures and finishes on both exteriors and interiors. We also offer minimal smart repair fixes, and can advise on larger fixes that we feel are necessary before liquid wrapping. For more information, check out our services page.





Where we serve

Our studio is based in Radlett, Hertfordshire, and we serve the surrounding areas - including St Albans, the Shires, Watford and much of North London. Of course, we welcome projects from far and wide. Check out our location below.


Liquid Car Wrapping in London motorbikes 

Did we mention we don’t just do cars?

Bikes, boats, jets - you name it, we’ll dip it. (maybe not the jets)

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